Body Treatment

Fat Dissolving Treatments

This is a very popular treatment for Men and Women.

This is a non-surgical procedure that destroy fat cells using a synthetic version of a compound which is naturally produced in our bodies to break down fat. This compound is directly inserted into the stubborn fat areas to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells.

Excessive Sweating

Neurotoxin injections are used in the targeted areas, such as armpits or hands, and block the sweat glands. The treatment takes less than 20 min and patients can go straight back to work.

Hand Rejuvenation

The hands tend to lose volume due to ageing and sun damage, leading to more prominent veins, loose thin and wrinkly skin.

Using premium high quality TGA approved products, Hand fillers help to volumize and provide more youthful looking hands.

BBL But Lift

Calf Slimming

Calf slimming treatments uses neurotoxins (anti wrinkle) injections into the bulge of the calve muscles, which significantly weakens certain parts of the muscle resulting in muscle de-bulking and shrinking of their size. This results in a slimmer and more appealing appearance of the lower legs.