Calf Slimming

Calf slimming treatments are a simple and effective treatment to help reduce the size of bulky and undesirable calves. This procedure is an easy and safe way to help you slim down your calves for a more feminine appearance without the costs and risks of surgery.  

Remove Excessive Muscle Bulk


This is a non-surgical procedure that destroy fat cells using a synthetic version of a compound which is naturally produced in our bodies to break down fat. This compound is directly inserted into the stubborn fat areas to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells.

This is a very popular treatment for Men and Women.

Common Q & A

How long does the procedure take?

Generally 20 min.

How long do the results last for?

6 – 12 months, however more frequent treatments are generally indicated in the initial phases to help produce the best long term results

How long is the down time after procedure?

No downtime at all, most swelling is not obviously noticeable.

How long is the down time?

No Downtime.

How many treatments would I need?

Some patients may require more than 1 treatment to achieve their goals. Number of treatments required is based on the individual, their life style, the size of their calves and their desired outcome.

Are there any additional treatments to help shape my calves?

Yes, depending on the cause of bulky calves. Fat dissolving injections may be used to help reduce stubborn fat around the area which maybe contributing to the bulkiness. There are also laser, skin needling and radiofrequency treatments which can also be used to help shape the calves.

What causes the appearance of bulky Calves ?

There may be a variety of causes, however common things are common, and one of the most common reasons is an enlargement of the gastrocnemius (Calve muscles). This may be due to genetics, over use or extensive exercise.

Other reasons include:

Excessive and stubborn fat in the lower legs which may be due to genetics, medication use, or previous weight gain where the fat is quite stubborn and won’t go away.

Lipedema – bulges of inflamed Fat- random accumulation of fat which may result in asymmetry, spongy and painful bulges.

Edema/ fluid retention. This maybe associated with a variety of medical conditions and would require follow up with your GP or Specialist.  

Pricing & Consultation


The consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of any treatments performed during the appointment.

Calf Slimming
$4 / Unit

Prices start at $200 for 50 units of Type A anti-wrinkle treatment. Additional units will be based on the consumable fees

Type - A
$4 / Unit

Anti-wrinkle Consumable free

Type - B
$12 / Unit

Anti-wrinkle Consumable free

Top Up Treatments
As per consumable fee

Can only be done within 4 weeks of initial treatment.

Follow Up Consultation        Free

The consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of any treatments performed during the appointment.


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