Calf Slimming Injections

Calf slimming injections are a simple and effective treatment to help reduce the size of bulky and undesirable calves. This procedure is an easy and safe way to help you slim down your calves for a more feminine appearance without the costs and risks of surgery.  

remove excessive

muscle bulk

 Calf slimming is achieved through the use of anti-wrinkle injections that target the gastrocnemius muscle of the calves to produce a shrinking effect. This leads to a slimmer and more feminine appearance over a period of 4-6 weeks. For individuals with larger calves caused by persistent fat that cannot be reduced through diet and exercise, alternative treatments like fat dissolving injections or calf liposuction may be necessary to attain a slender and well-defined lower leg.




6 – 12 months, however more frequent treatments are generally indicated in the initial phases to help produce the best long term results.

No downtime at all, most swelling is not obviously noticeable.

Some patients may require more than 1 treatment to achieve their goals. Number of treatments required is based on the individual, their life style, the size of their calves and their desired outcome.

Yes, depending on the cause of bulky calves. Fat dissolving injections may be used to help reduce stubborn fat around the area which maybe contributing to the bulkiness. There are also laser, skin needling and radiofrequency treatments which can also be used to help shape the calves.

There may be a variety of causes, however common things are common, and one of the most common reasons is an enlargement of the gastrocnemius (Calve muscles). This may be due to genetics, over use or extensive exercise.

Other reasons include:

Excessive and stubborn fat in the lower legs which may be due to genetics, medication use, or previous weight gain where the fat is quite stubborn and won’t go away.

Lipedema – bulges of inflamed Fat – random accumulation of fat which may result in asymmetry, spongy and painful bulges.

Edema/fluid retention. This maybe associated with a variety of medical conditions and would require follow up with your GP or Specialist.

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The consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of any treatments performed during the appointment.



Most practitioners and patients prefer to have some form of pain relief for calf slimming treatment. There are multiple options available for your convenience;

  • Initially, a topical numbing agent such as emla cream or lmx, is applied to the area of treatment. Common additional forms of pain relief:
  • Local anaesthesia using a nerve block is a fantastic method to achieve almost no pain at all, however this does vary based on individual. This is quite similar and sometimes used interchangeably with the term dental block. Most dermal fillers also contain local anaesthesia and hence any pain experienced during treatment generally tends to improve throughout
  • Laughing gas (also known as happy gas or Nitros oxide) is also available.
  • Applying ice to the area prior to treatment can also help reduce the pain, and applying ice after the procedure also helps reduce the swelling.

Right After The


After treatment for calf slimming injections, some bruising, redness and swelling maybe present and self resolve over the next few days. Generally the swelling tends to provide a slightly enhanced effect due to the increased volume associated with this, which tends to disappear eventuate into a more natural appearance. Some patients tend to enjoy the swelling effect, however others may prefer the more natural effect.

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