Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

Reduce cellulite, dissolve stubborn body fat, and tone your skin in a clinical environment. Our new Device gives immediate results and long-lasting effects to address the three c’s of body contour problems – cellulite, chubbiness, and crummy skin.

Most people experience body image problems at some point in their lives. It may be the extra weight that is preventing you from wearing your favourite clothes or bikini, or it could be skin that sags and just doesn’t look good in the mirror. Then there’s that pesky cellulite that just seems impossible to get rid off. You’ve tried dieting and almost passed out at the gym, but somehow nothing seems to work as you would like it to.

At Flawless Aesthetics Clinic in Chatswood, we’ve been there, done that. We looked for Medical Aesthetic devices with clinical evidence to support results, while being simple and safe and that does the trick, without months of overexertion to get the contours we want. Our new Devices give that almost instant gratification we crave, with a large percentage of patients having noticeable reduction in cellulite after initial treatment. This device works deep into the tissues to sculpt areas of the body that were previously difficult to fix.

Onda© Coolwaves™ Advanced body shaping


Working on the lymphatic system, Onda© Coolwaves™ sculpts and contours the body by targeting specific problem areas. The process replaces traditional liposuction or therapies using radio frequencies, creating a pleasing body aesthetic with modern non-invasive technology. 

This method is revolutionizing the way the cosmetic industry works and we are always helping our clients to achieve, or get closer to their once impossible dreams.

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