Have you ever thought about destroying unwanted stubborn fat? Learn more

We offer non-surgical procedures that destroy fat cells. Our cosmetic Clinic in Chatswood offers a variety of different treatments to help you achieve this goal, each tailored to the individual patient. One of our option utilises a synthetic compound of a substance which is naturally produced by our bodies to break down fat. This compound is directly inserted into the stubborn fat areas to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells.

This is a very popular treatment for Men and Women.

Where can this treatment be used?

Double chin (submental fat)


Buffalo neck (neck hump)



Bra fat

Fat Removal Treatments



Procedure time is depending on the area being treated, generally 20-40min.

Destruction of the fat cells are permanent and do not grow back.

This varies according to the individual. Patient generally require between 1 to 3 sessions. In rare cases where fat cells are not responding to treatment, alternative options will be discussed.

6-8 weeks on average. 

Generally swelling is present for the first few days to a week; swelling may last between 2-3 weeks in some individuals. We generally advise people not to have treatment within 2 weeks of a major event.

You may continue with your daily activities. Keep treated site clean for 24 hours, ie no swimming etc 

Please apply ice and pressure to the treated areas as tolerable. 

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