An undefined jawline is a deficiency not particular to one gender because it can be found in males and females. This deficiency gives individuals an unattractive appeal or an appeal that sends the wrong impression.

Before the issue of an undefined jawline can be treated, the cause of the deficiency needs to be identified. In some cases, the deficiency develops with time, while others are gotten from birth.  This article highlights some essential tips to aid you in getting a defined jawline. For male patients who desire a more defined jawline, male jawline fillers are an excellent choice. Likewise, for female patients, female jawline fillers will get you the results that you desire.

Essential Tips to Getting A Defined Jawline

The basis of these tips outlined below is to identify the causes of the undefined jaw and the measures used for treating them to ensure a defined jaw. The tips include:

1) Poor definition in the mandibular bone and mandibular angle

Not everybody is privileged to be born with a defined mandibular bone and mandibular angle. In some cases, the aging factor contributes to the issue of poor definition in mandibular bone and mandibular angle. In the case of aging, the mandibular bone begins to shrink because it loses its density giving the jaw an undefined shape.

Solution: Dermal Fillers

Suppose the cause of undefined jaw is discovered to be the poor definition of the mandibular bone and mandibular angle. In that case, the specialist uses a non-surgical measure to correct the deficiency by injecting dermal fillers at strategic points along the jawline. The dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid that stimulates the production of enzymes the body seems to be lacking. The result is a well-defined mandibular bone and mandibular angle.

2) Excess fat around the chin and neck

This situation can be very tricky because, in some cases, they might have a well-defined jawline, but the presence of excess fat covers up the jawline making it look like they have a double jawline. Another case of excess fat in situations where the excess fat is not well pronounced is noticed through side views of the jawline.


A non-surgical measure, Aqualyx, addresses this issue. Aqualyx is the perfect non-surgical alternative to liposuction because it is injected into the body to aid in the breaking down of fat. When it finishes breaking down fat, it is gradually expelled by the body.

3) Pre-jowl sulcus

This is, also known as the pre-jowl fold, is found in the lower layer of the face and place a crucial role in defining and contouring the jawline. When this part, hollow causes the deficiency. It is noticed in the side of the chin resulting from volume loss.

Solution: Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injected into the jowl sulcus to help smooth the howl. This, in turn, minimizes mid-jowl giving the jawline a defined and loving appeal.

4) Saggy skin

Skin laxity is caused when the body’s rate of collagen and elastin reduces; thus, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. This sagging skin can contribute to giving the jawline an undefined appeal.


The treatment for this depends on the severity of the sagging. If the sagging is not that severe, profit is injected into the affected areas as it stimulates collagen and elastin production. If it is moderate, thread lifts are the appropriate solution.


The deficiency of undefined jaws can be addressed provided you know how to, and luckily this article has highlighted top-notch tips to help you get a defined jawline.

To discover more about dermal fillers and how they can be used to create a well-defined jawline for both male and female patients, contact Flawless Aesthetics today.