Nasolabial Fold Fillers

These lines tend to increase drastically with age in some people, and even from an early age, these lines may be intense due to genetic factors. Dermal fillers correctly placed in this region decrease the folds between the cheeks and the lower face which helps provide a young and smooth transitional look between these regions.

Nasolabial fold fillers are used to help reduce the line and its shadowing and minimise the volume loss leading to this.

The filler type and injection technique would be based on the underlying cause, as there a 2 distinct anatomic variations leading to this problem. Overuse of the muscles may lead to creasing of the skin (dermal and epidermal deformity), volume loss and enlargement of the medial fat pad leads to overhanging of the NLF and when combined with the decent of the overlying skin creates a true ‘fold’. Another common cause is volume loss in the cheeks which leads to a loss of structural support. Most people tend to have a combination of underlying issues leading to the worsening of the NLF and therefore combination treatments are commonly indicated. High G prime fillers are generally injected into the deep layers in combination with a softer filler treated to the superficial layers.




There is no set quantity and each patient varies. Generally, a true NLF stems from volume loss in the region and overhanging from an enlarged fat pad, and these folds are best treated with volume restoration using combination of deep fillers and superficial fillers to the dermal and epidermal layers. To further enhance the result, this is combined with cheek fillers to produce a lifting effect to help lift and counteract the overhanging fat pad.

There are a variety of options that we use and is based on the underlying cause, skin quality and volume loss which helps determine the optimal product. We are not allowed to use drug names as per Australian Regulations.
Most commonly, HA (reversible fillers) are the product of choice and produce great results.  For younger patients, fillers with large particle sizes and good lifting ability is preferred, however older people or those with thinner/ weaker skin, require a soft filler that blends well with the tissue to help reduce any lumps.

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