Neck Line Removal

Since there are many reasons that you may have neck lines, The first step of treating the neck lines is to first undergo an assessment to diagnose the underlying or main cause contributing to these lines. Then we need to address what can and can’t be treated and differentiate between which treatments would.be necessary and which treatments NEED to be avoided. It is fair to say that there are many treatments out there that cause more harm than good, and therefore it is recommended to have a professional practitioner with years of experience I’m the field. Once our doctors speak to you about the contributing factors, an individualized treatment plan is made to suit you within your budget. 

Neck Line Removal
Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Ageing is progressively becoming one of the primary concerns for both men and women, and this is not a new phenomenon; this has been a growing issue for the past few decades. Thanks to advances in science and technology, it is now possible to significantly reduce the ageing process. Neck treatments can help improve neck lines, double chin, aged skin, and neck lift for greater jawline definition. 

One of the key signs of ageing could be visible on your neck. Anti-ageing neck treatments could help to significantly improve obvious signs of ageing on your neck and lower face, without the need of surgery. Your neck’s excess skin will be removed during this procedure to make your neck look younger and more defined.

You will be given local anaesthesia so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. You will be suggested treatment based on your neck to help narrow down the types of surgery that will work best for you.

What is a Non-Surgical Neck Lift

A non-surgical neck lift, the Nerfititi Lift, is a non-invasive procedure that improves the appearance of the neck by tightening the region and improving the appearance of the jawline. This helps improve wrinkle lines, sagging skin, and the appearance of a “double chin”.  

In the neck, the platysma muscle is one of greatest contributors to neck bands- horizontal lines around the neck, which immediately leads to an aged appearance. Just like the muscles in the forehead, increased use of the neck muscles leads to worsening of these lines and an ageing appearance. This may lead to many people feeling self conscious and may even cause them to completely change their dress attire in order to cover their necks.

Non-Surgical Neck Lift
Nerfititi Lift

What is a Nerfititi Lift?

The Nefertiti Lift involves the use of muscle relaxant treatments that are carefully injected into the neck region to produce more definition to the jawline, decrease the wrinkle lines around the neck, and lift and tighten the skin, hence the name the Nefertiti lift. The name refers to the ancient Egyptian Queen Nerfititi who was well known for her beauty, sculpted jawline, slender neck and facial proportions. This is a great non-surgical  option to lift and improve the appearance of the neck.

A strong neck muscle (platysma muscle) not only contributes towards a wrinkly neck (neck bands), but also contributes to the appearance of a double chin and takes away definition from the jawline. The platysma muscle is a long muscle that starts from the upper part of your chest, covers most of the front and sides of the neck, and goes all the way up to the areas of the lower third of your face.  When this muscle contracts, it pulls down on the face which leads to an ageing appearance and worsening of a double chin. 

How long will the treatment last for?

Results in this region can last up to 9 months. Regular treatments can help prolong the duration of results. Over 60% of patients will retain neurotoxin effects 4 months post treatment. Depending on genetics and lifestyle, some patients may retain results for either longer or shorter periods than the average person.

How to Get Rid of Neck Lines

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Most practitioners and patients prefer to have some form of pain relief. There are multiple options available for your convenience;

  • Initially, a topical numbing agent such as emla cream or lmx, is applied to the area of treatment. Common additional forms of pain relief:
  • Local anaesthesia using a nerve block is a fantastic method to achieve almost no pain at all, however this does vary based on individual. This is quite similar and sometimes used interchangeably with the term dental block. Most dermal fillers also contain local anaesthesia and hence any pain experienced during treatment generally tends to improve throughout
  • Laughing gas (also known as happy gas or Nitros oxide) is also available.
  • Applying ice to the area prior to treatment can also help reduce the pain, and applying ice after the procedure also helps reduce the swelling.

Right After The


After treatment Some bruising, redness and swelling maybe present and self resolve over the next few days. Generally the swelling tends to provide a slightly enhanced effect due to the increased volume associated with this, which tends to disappear eventuate into a more natural appearance. Some patients tend to enjoy the swelling effect, however others may prefer the more natural effect.

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