Yes – The most important thing to remember is to stay out of the sun. while your skin is healing as this can cause adverse effects. On the first day after treatment, the treatment area must be kept dry and no water or facewash should be used.  Retinol and acne clearing products should not be used for at least four days before and after a peel treatment and exfoliation should be avoided the day before and the day after your peel. Please don’t use any make-up until your skin has healed.

There will be some swelling and peeling. More serious side effects include lightened or darkened patches of skin, redness lasting months, and scarring. Please tell us if you are concerned.

Depending on the peel used, the epidermis – or outer layer will be removed and in most cases, parts of the nest layer – the dermis, will also be exfoliated.

A whitish coating sometimes develops at the end of the healing phase. It is normal but please take notice if there is anything unusual, such as discoloration.

Acne peels have been used for centuries. The important thing is the ingredients as well as their strength levels and ratios. They are very effective if the right product is used.

Some home treatments do have a minimal effect on improving the appearance of acne, but – as it is illegal to sell these products with the higher doses of their key ingredients that are available in clinics, the effective solutions are weaker and products often take a long time to produce visible effects. Be especially careful of products containing TCA without expert supervision. They can be dangerous if not used correctly. They often cover a broad base of problems and it’s difficult to find the right one for your particular skin type. Professional strength chemicals should never be used at home.

Yes, as long as the correct peel is used. The wrong peel can make acne worse and leave lasting bad side effects.

It is bad to pick at acne – mainly because of the bacteria that is transferred. A chemical peel applied according to strict clinical protocols such as those that we apply at (XYZ) reduces the risk to almost zero.

An acne peel uses chemicals to exfoliate different layers of the skin and the benefit is that the new skin cells that lie below are healthier and will – in time, result in a younger and better texture of the epidermis (outer layer). The process is not instant and healing takes a few days. The full result can only be seen when the skin has completely healed in one to two weeks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any product that we specifically endorse as the composition of home treatments doesn’t match those of the products found in clinics. 

The best product for aiding with the healing process in scarring can be found in clinics. The products are specially formulated and applied by experts.

As the skin texture differs, face treatments often don’t work in other areas. The peel treatments we offer are suitable on all parts of the body – including the back.

Acne Peels are targeted to work in the specific areas where the problem occurs. There are sometimes benefits to exfoliating the whole face area while undergoing treatment for specific areas, but small areas can also be treated without applying a peel to the whole area.

While chlorophyll is an anti-oxidant and does support the healing process, it will not cure acne or acne scars.

When the body is under stress, acne usually attacks the parts that contain the most oils. Breakouts can be minimized with topical creams and by keeping the area well moisturized rather than applying oils.

We get asked this a lot, but there is no evidence to support this old wife’s tale. But a healthy diet (even with a little chocolate) will certainly help keep you and your skin in better health.

With make-up products and techniques constantly evolving, many make-up hacks are doing the rounds on social media platforms. We don’t condone any of these because covering acne often makes it a lot worse.

Acne scarring can be with you for a lifetime if you let it. Without intervention, the scars will fade over time and their appearance will improve, but the deep scars seldom disappear completely.

Salicylic acid has been proven as an effective acne treatment but should not be used at home and – as a chemical, it is critical that it is applied correctly and in the right doses and combinations with other ingredients.

The redness usually indicates that the scar is a keloid scar and that there are still infection levels present. Acne Peels will assist with clearing up the redness.

Our treatments treat acne scars, but unfortunately can’t banish scars that may result from future breakouts without a future application.

Laser treatment for scars is available in the market but our research tells us that peels are more effective.

Whiteheads appear as sebum rises to the surface of an acne carbuncle. We use special techniques where whiteheads are present and keep in mind that they are particularly sensitive.

We think so. But you could also be brave and come to Australia for treatment. 

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