There are many products available over the counter. These generally work on the outer layer – or epidermis, of the skin. Peels that are applied in a clinical environment offer the benefit of more intense moisture retention, as they work on the cells beneath the epidermis, as well as the outer layer itself.

Peels available for home use have different ingredients – or the same ingredients at lower strengths. Home peels often contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), whereas clinics use formulations that combine ingredients to get the most visible results.

Botulinum toxin therapy is delivered to problem areas via an injection of the product. Once injected, the underlying muscle relaxes – causing the look of the surrounding wrinkle or flaw to look smooth.

Botox acts almost like a filler, but it works in the muscle rather than being a superficial aid. It blocks nerve impulses from receiving certain chemical signals, causing muscles to relax.

Yes, all genders and ages will benefit from hydrating peels.

Unlike aging which occurs over time, dry skin is a pre-existing condition. The Aspects Lactobotanic peel range contains ingredients that have been designed to treat dry skin.

Results are visible within a few days as the skin heals and improves over time. We do recommend that a hydrating peel be included in your beauty program at least twice a year. 

Facial treatments use mainly moisturizers to smooth the surface of the skin and leave a protective barrier to retain naturally occurring moisture. Peels are designed to work on the cell structure, to aid the regeneration of cells.

The type of hydrating peel will depend on factors such as age, the extent of moisture loss, and skin texture. It’s important to find the correct peel for your specific needs.

TCA is a potentially dangerous chemical. We do not recommend the use of TCA at home as they carry a high risk of damage, particularly if the skin is sunburnt or broken.

To tighten skin needs action from within, and most of the Aspect’s range hydrating peels will help you to address this problem.

The cause of the peeling must be determined before a definitive answer can be given. At Flawless Aesthetics Clinics, we are careful to determine the needs as well as the dangers and advise our clients according to their specific cases.

Avoiding UV rays and drinking lots of water are the two most important elements. A good daily skincare regime and lots of sleep also make a big contribution – as does exercise and a healthy diet. Not smoking and limiting alcohol make a difference too. Specialist products such as those we offer also offer big benefits, especially for those that compromise on some of the other elements.

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