Research says that collagen in supplement form could collect in cartilage to stimulate tissues. Onda© stimulates the lymphatic system to speed up collagen production and also helps with metabolic processes. 

 Lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate the build-up of toxins whereas the Coolwaves™ penetrate on a deeper level, attacking the adipose (body fat) lobules found in cellulite and flushes out waste and help restructure the underlying collagen matrix beneath the skin.

Baking soda helps to exfoliate the skin naturally and Epsom salts do absorb toxins superficially from the skin, but it works on the surface and could improve the skin’s appearance. Onda© works on the fat that has amassed under the skin treating factors contributing to the underlying cause of cellulite which provides some of the best results. 

With many different names – like orange-peel skin and hail damage, the underlying causes can be different, but it is scientifically identified as the interactivity in connective tissue and fat pockets lying beneath the skin.

Medically speaking, cellulite is also known as Oedamtous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy (yes, sounds very fancy), and is an identification of a cosmetic change in the fat and fibrous layers beneath the skin. The actual cause of the factors leading towards the cellulite is not exactly clear and is still being studied by many doctors and scientists around the world. Many professionals believe that this maybe an outcome of disorders affecting one’s organs, glands, metabolic and the very ends of the blood vessels (endocrine-metabolic microcirculatory system) which leads to changes to changes in the fat cells, and collagen and fibrin networks beneath. 

Most firming creams constrict blood vessels so that any excess fluid is reduced or strengthens skin structure. Our device helps address the underlying issues and improves the underlying collagen matrix and elasticity by improving the support structure of the skin. 

Many adverts are claiming fast weight loss. Often the solutions are fleeting and fat returns within a short space of time. Our device uses microwave energy to permanently destroy fat cells while also tightening the surrounding skin to prevent loose skin which is associated with other fat destroying devices. The results are not immediate and take around 9 to 12 weeks to see results. This is due to the fact that our bodies take time to break down these fat cells and then excrete them out of our system.

Previous devices were known to mostly be effective against ‘soft fat’ rather than harder fat’. Our new device is able to break down both ‘hard fats’ (more common in men) and ‘soft fats’. The process for men is the same as for women and is equally effective.

Onda© ‘s prices are competitive and won’t break the bank. They offer great value for your money. It is also priced reasonably for the results it gives compared with other more invasive procedures.

A menu of treatments and rates can be found here/ Fill in the request for quote to find out the price for a body you can love again.

For cellulite visible results are immediate from the first treatment, but more intensive therapy is recommended and three to four treatments per area is recommended

Onda© targets specific areas where there are fatty deposits, including the chin area, and can help to reduce an embarrassing double chin and tighten the skin in this area.

The procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive and does not require an overnight stay. It is administered safely and simply.

No, Onda© has a cooling system built into its process and is designed for comfort. There can be  tender discomfort at the end of the treatment which usually signals that the treatment has had a therapeutic effect. 

Appointments are scheduled at 30min intervals, but please tell us what you want to be done when you are booking so that we can schedule a consultation to suit your needs and your schedule.

There are no special precautions to take but – if you have any specific concerns, please speak to your Practitioner before or during treatment.

Onda© attacks fat in all areas, but it’s a good idea to start with the areas of your body that you are most concerned about first, then start tackling other problematic parts.

With Coolwaves™, skin is toned from under the surface, leaving a significantly longer lasting effect than creams, which tend to focus on the skin cells, or epidermis cells. While creams tend to restrict, Onda© addresses and treats the underlying causes.

Radiofrequency techniques have a few drawbacks that have been solved with Coolwaves™. Radio frequencies function at a more superficial level and Coolwaves™ fills in a number of the gaps left by radio frequency-based treatments, and also has longer lasting results.

Body contouring after weight loss is always challenging. An Onda© treatment tones your skin and gives it far more elasticity than it had previously, which aids with tightening the skin that is often an unwanted side effect of weight loss.

With cooling as an integral part of the device, there is no reason to be concerned about additional hot flushes. If you do suffer from this, or if you do experience a hot flush during your treatment, please let the therapist know.

Yes – safety is our uppermost concern. Coolwaves™ don’t disperse their energy into the skin or surrounding tissues. The key to the efficacy of Onda© is the coolness technology.

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