Some skin types develop a pinkish tinge that disappears within about 3 hours. Any other appearance concerns will depend on the pre-Healite treatments.

If it is a stand-alone treatment, you can wear mineral-based make-up but it is preferable to simply apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

No. The treatment is pretty relaxing and is usually comfortable.

From a comfortable position – where possible, depending on the treatment area, the healing lights emit warm energy, aiding cell regeneration and increasing blood flow and other skin nutrients.

Your skin will feel taughter and slightly plumped up immediately. The effects of improved circulation are visible within a few days, but it is necessary to have several sessions to enjoy the full value of Healite II. We recommend 10 sessions, spaced apart, and thereafter less frequent maintenance visits.

he treatment consists of LED light rays targeted onto direct areas of the skin. The warmth of the light – and the differing frequencies, help the skin to regenerate and heal. 

 Healite II has short and longer terms benefit as a stand-alone therapy. It is an excellent support to other treatments such as Chemical peels.

Most of the frequencies will aid the healing of a bruise, but it will depend on the severity of the bruise and its underlying cause.

We highly recommend Healite II after microdermabrasion or microneedling. It finishes off the cell regeneration processes initiated by the main treatment and recovery is generally faster with a combination treatment.

Peels work deep into the skin layers to improve the texture and tone of skin – or address specific skin problems. Healite II calms skin and kick-starts cell rejuvenation. 

No, you could feel somewhat flushed for a few minutes, but normally scheduled activities can resume after the Healite II treatment.

As a gentle aid to healing, we recommend bi-weekly sessions over one or two months, and thereafter a few yearly maintenance sessions.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a definitive cure for psoriasis. The Healite II treatment helps in keeping outbreaks on specific parts of the body under control.

Yes, throughout your treatment plan, Healite II helps to heal the scarring,  with a c-section scar fading over time.

No. Healite II is installed with LED lights that are not harmful to your skin. The therapy does aid in the treatment of damage caused by UV rays.

The light is low, but we do provide protective eyewear to prevent any possible damage to sensitive eye tissue.

The equipment available from retailers does have benefits, but the machines used in our clinic are professional grade. The wealth of knowledge of our therapists is also invaluable.

Low-level Light Therapy is a proven aid to speeding up the healing process but – depending on your type of injury, other therapy or interventions may be necessary before Healite II can be added as a complementary therapy.

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