Female Beauty & Feminisation

Although different cultures have their own unique preferences and associations with the perception of beauty, there are specific ratios that are universally accepted across all cultural backgrounds that are directly enhanced to achieve this desired appearance. Individualised treatments based on current facial structures and shape, background and other factors such as age, are carefully taken into consideration in order to precisely contour the face accordingly. Come on for a consult to discuss your facial aspects and ideal treatments to help you achieve your best results.

To find out more information on how to help maintain looking young and treating the signs of ageing, please check out our Anti-Ageing page.


below is a list of just a few of the many ideal signs associated with ageing

commonly referred to as the ‘double chin’ or ‘submental fat’, is generally due to extra fat beneath the chin. This may be due to multiple reasons including genetics, weight gain, medical conditions and certain medications. This fat maybe stubborn, and hence may not go away with diet and exercise.

  • Face shape; Oval or Love heart shaped
  • Wider middle and upper face
  • High angulated cheek bones
  • All thirds of the face are almost equal in distance   
  • Good facial volume
  • Minimal wrinkles or signs of ageing 
  • Outer aspects of the eyes lifted 
  • Ideal side profile following Ricketts Lines
  • Thin nose with elevated tip 

    Derma Fillers

    Dermal fillers are becoming more popular due to their instant results and intermittent lifespan. Permanent fillers are associated with higher risks, and if there’s an undesirable result, surgical intervention to remove them is generally required. Non-permanent dermal fillers are reversible, produce quick results, short procedure time and have minimal down time as most patients are generally able to return to work immediately after.

    The Ageing process is an inevitable aspect of life, which cannot be completely stopped over the long term; however it can be significantly slowed down so that ageing maybe graceful. In many cases, people are able to actually look younger than they currently do, and with the right aesthetic clinician, we can help maintain a youthful appearance for longer, and delay the ageing process.

    To find out more, please check out our Dermal fillers page 

    How long does it take to see the results?

    The results generally tend to peak at 2- 4 weeks.

    How long do anti-wrinkle treatment effects last?

    Results generally tend to last 3- 4 months on average, and sometimes up to 6 months. This may change according to the area being treated, the dosage and the individuals response to the neurotoxin.

    How much pain is involved?

    Minimal pain is generally associated with anti wrinkle treatments, and if you are ever too concerned with the pain we can always use a topical anaesthetics.

    Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

    Anti wrinkle treatments are neurotoxins that are used to treat soft and fine lines, relaxing the overtly tense facial muscles and provide a fresh and vibrant appearance. They also reduce sweat production, decrease the production of excessive oils and help prevent the forming of deep wrinkle lines. These neurotoxins treatment have been around for decades and there has been a significant increase in their variety of use given the amazing results.

    How do Neurotoxins work?
    Wrinkles are generally due to over contraction and enlargement of the muscles over time. Neurotoxins work by decreasing muscle contractions by stopping the muscles from receiving the signals from the nerves. This leads to weakening and paralysis of the muscle and progressively over time leads to the shrinkage of the targeted muscles resulting in less wrinkles and refreshing appearance.

    How many unit will I need for my anti wrinkle treatment?
    There are many factors that contribute towards this decision which factors the type of anti wrinkle treatment product you choose, your muscle density, response to previous treatment and current lifestyle. A full facial assessment and history will provide us with a comprehensive treatment plan individualised for you. There is an ideal target when using anti wrinkle treatment as over treatment can lead to undesirable effects and too little treatment can show very little results.

    Know Your product

    What are the key factors that would effect how long anti wrinkle treatment results last for?

      • The size and strength of the targeted muscle
      • The amount of anti wrinkle units used
      • Lifestyle, higher physical activity and sun exposure generally leads the body to metabolize the produce more rapidly.
      • The bodies development of antibodies towards the product which may lead you to develop a form of immunity towards the treatment.
      • Biological factors may dictate how speedily your body absorbs the product. This cannot be controlled.

        WHY CHOOSE US?

        Dr Michael is an experienced Aesthetic Physician specialising in cosmetic enhancements and anti-ageing treatments. Dr Michael has been an ongoing trainer at the words largest and the most renowned Aesthetic Training Academy. It is with no doubt that if you choose Dr Michael, you will begin a life-enhancing journey that will provide you with that confidence boost you long for. The journey will be guided by a personal and thorough consultation and facial assessment, which will direct your very own personalised treatment plan.

        Feel confident to know that your doctor is specialised in cosmetic medicine, has an absolute love and passion for his profession and continue to educate others, while learning from the best Surgeons and Specialists overseas and bringing home his experience.