Female Feminise

Individualised treatments based on current facial structures and shape, background and other factors such as age, are carefully taken into consideration in order to precisely contour the face accordingly.

Male – Masculinise

We are experts in Masculinization treatments and provide you with the opportunity to either treat your insecurities or help you stand out above the crowd. More men are finally leaning towards Male Aesthetics as they discover the amazing benefits associated with the great feeling of looking good and feeling fresh  

Anti – Ageing

Here we take you through a journey where we can discuss skin care, anti ageing injectables, facial enhancements and lifestyle modifications to help you to always look your best.

Dermal Fillers

Here, we take you through a small journey going through a variety of different Fillers to help you know a little more about what works best for you.

Different types of fillers include:
Collagen (PLLA)
Caclium Hydorxylate (CaHa)
Polycaprolactone Based fillers (PCL)
Fat grafting



Dr Michael is an experienced Aesthetic Physician specialising in cosmetic enhancements and anti-ageing treatments. Dr Michael has been an ongoing trainer at the words largest and the most renowned Aesthetic Training Academy. It is with no doubt that if you choose Dr Michael, you will begin a life-enhancing journey that will provide you with that confidence boost you long for. The journey will be guided by a personal and thorough consultation and facial assessment, which will direct your very own personalised treatment plan.

Feel confident to know that your doctor is specialised in cosmetic medicine, has an absolute love and passion for his profession and continue to educate others, while learning from the best Surgeons and Specialists overseas and bringing home his experience.