Neck Enhancements & Rejuvenation

Neck Beauty

The neck is a beautiful part of the body which helps people feel their very best when wearing dresses, specifically V-necklines, open necklines, clinched-in waistlines and form-fitting tops. It’s a region that is frequently underrated and poorly addressed. Treatments to the neck are based on the underlying cause and each case is different, as the treatment options take so many factors into account such as the aging process, skin quality, laxity and muscle tension. Early intervention is the preferred method and treatment is recommended once signs of early onset ageing are present. Late intervention typically results in outcomes less desirable outcomes than that achieved with early intervention.

Fillers Using HA & Bio stimulators

Mono Threads & Thread Lifting

• Anti-Wrinkle Injections Nefertiti Neck Lift


Fat Dissolver

This is a non-surgical procedure that destroy fat cells using a synthetic version of a compound which is naturally produced in our bodies to break down fat. This compound is directly inserted into the stubborn fat areas to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells.

This is a very popular treatment for Men and Women.

There are numerous reasons why people tend to feel self-conscious about their necks:

Excessive Fat 

 commonly referred to as the ‘double chin’ or ‘submental fat’, is generally due to extra fat beneath the chin. This may be due to multiple reasons including genetics, weight gain, medical conditions and certain medications. This fat maybe stubborn, and hence may not go away with diet and exercise.

Neck Lines

can be present due to strong contractions of one of the large muscles in the area and covers the space from your lower face all the way down to clavicles just above the chest. Increased muscle contraction, tension or muscle enlargement leads to distortion of the jawline, neck bands (at the base of the neck) and horizontal lines. All these factors tend to produce an aged appearance of the individual and our non-invasive treatments offer significant improvement.  

Sagging skin

 is a natural process which maybe accelerated due to multiple reasons such as too much sun exposure or poor skin care regimes. There are a range of modalities which can help improve the skin quality and help lift the skin to improve its appearance. Treatments may involve neck lift using Threadlifting, biostimulator injections or minimally invasive procedures such as Necktite which uses radiofrequency heat energy to tighten the skin.

Thin skin and early signs of wrinkling

maybe present and can be treated with a whole range of modalities, from anti-wrinkle injections to dermal fillers and Lasers.

Treatment Risks

Mild Swelling at injection site


Infection- very rare

Asymmetry, one sides may be more responsive to treatment than the other

Headaches may occur, more likely to occur on first time treatment

Temporary drooping of the eyebrows or eyelids in less than 1% of cases; this may occur with anti-wrinkle treatment near these structures and may last for a few weeks and then spontaneously self resolves.

Spock brow; occurs when the outer part of the brows becomes too elevated and produces a small crease above the lateral brow when lifting them. This may occur when your injector is attempting to maximise the brow lift, however, every individual is different and some patients may strongly to this resulting in a strong lift of the outer brows. This is simply corrected with a free follow up treatment using small amount of neurotoxin at no extra charge.

Anti-wrinkle After Care

No makeup or face creams for 4 hours

Avoid alcohol for the next 24hrs (1 to 2 standard drinks is generally acceptable)

No gym or exercise on that day

Make sure you’re sitting up for the next 4 hours

Avoid sauna, facial massages and leaning forward


Dr Michael is an experienced Aesthetic Physician specialising in cosmetic enhancements and anti-ageing treatments. Dr Michael has been an ongoing trainer at the words largest and the most renowned Aesthetic Training Academy. It is with no doubt that if you choose Dr Michael, you will begin a life-enhancing journey that will provide you with that confidence boost you long for. The journey will be guided by a personal and thorough consultation and facial assessment, which will direct your very own personalised treatment plan.

Feel confident to know that your doctor is specialised in cosmetic medicine, has an absolute love and passion for his profession and continue to educate others, while learning from the best Surgeons and Specialists overseas and bringing home his experience.