Acne Treatment

Acne Peels: Healing Acne – and the scars left after acne is healed.

By finding a science-based product to effectively deal with a problem that affects people from all walks of life – in many areas of their lives (their social lives, health, and general well-being), Acne Peels have a lot to offer.


As an acne sufferer – present or past tense, even the word is hard to say. It feels more like being an acne victim. It may help to know that around 85% of Australians suffer from this debilitating affliction – usually between their teens and mid-twenties, but sometimes continuing, or starting, way beyond the typical time frames. It would probably help even more to not have acne though.

As if the ailment itself weren’t enough, this often leaves scars, and as much as it adds character to a face, back, or other areas, it would feel a whole lot better to trade the sea-weathered look for being just you and let your personality do the character work. And then there’s also the occasional flare-up to contend with.


With so many so-called miracle cures on the market – many of which have disappointing results, it’s important to find the right product for the right skin and not be drawn into magical elixirs that leave even more damage. An acne peel is a scientifically formulated product that – with the right application, has very pleasing results. Our range of peels covers a variety of combinations between the types of skin and the types of problem (from active breakouts, all the way to permanent scarring). They also address the way acne and its treatment react on different parts of the human body.

In the dermatological world, the Fitzpatrick scale divides skin into categories, broadly based on sensitivity to UV rays. It divides skin into 6 categories by measuring melanin levels present. We must use this scale because treatment results will differ vastly between a skin type 1 (very little melanin) and a type 6 (extremely dark skin). But it still takes expertise to diagnose the many other stages and factors in determining the right treatment.



The various stages of acne will also react differently to the peels we use, so we have a range to chose between. Peels work by exfoliating layers of skin at different degrees to promote the regeneration of skin cells, and aid by speeding up the skin’s own collagen production while adding specific treatments. The collagen also helps to fill out scars to improve their appearance. We also take care to use the correct strength and ratios. These include :

  • Lactobotanical Peels: Using AHA from milk in its mildest form, the peel gently aids new cell growth.
  • Salicylic Peels: Based on an ingredient – salicylic acid, that has been used for centuries as an acne peel, the Aspect version rejuvenates the skin by adding antioxidants to tame acne and give a glowing appearance to the skin. 
  • Phytoretinoid peels: Phytic acid is useful in the treatment of sensitive skins, but a balance must be struck between efficacy and diagnosis.
  • Power Peel: The key ingredients are Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Kojic Acid, which are all proven scientifically, but only appropriate in specific cases. The peel is not suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Bear in mind that there is a world of difference between peels available for use at home and those used in our clinic. We are licensed to use higher strengths of the chemicals that make up a peel – which we use in clinical conditions, and we have the expertise to find the correct product for your very specific needs. Home-based peels come at a tempting price, but the user needs to be cautious to avoid very pricey rectifications needed where they go horribly wrong.

All Peels indeed have certain side effects – we deal with these in our questions below, but our Aspect Peels are carefully selected and consciously include good side effects such as pore unclogging to stop breakouts before they start, lightening dark spots, and smoothing skin overall texture. If you are considering an acne peel, we urge you to read our Q & A’s below, or speak to us to find the right treatment.

In the science world, we talk about sebum excretion, prolific follicular infundibulum, keratolysis, Propionibacterium acne, and androgen hypersensitivity. But that’s the problem. It’s a solution that we seek. 

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