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Slim Shoulders and Ease Pain with Trap Toxin (anti-wrinkle): Introducing The Traps at Flawless Aesthetics Clinics

Neck, shoulder, or upper back pain due to strained or overused trapezius muscles is a common affliction affecting many people today, especially those with desk-bound jobs or activities requiring prolonged shoulder elevation. But relief is at hand with trap Toxin (anti-wrinkle), a revolutionary treatment that we like to refer to as ‘The Traps’ at Flawless Aesthetics Clinics. In this article, we’ll explore how ‘The Traps’ can alleviate trapezius muscle pain and sculpt your shoulders for a more refined appearance. 

The Significance of

Trapezius Muscles

Trapezius muscles, large triangular muscles stretching from your neck’s back and upper spine across to your shoulders, are pivotal for neck and shoulder blade movements and posture maintenance. Everyday actions like lifting, pulling, and reaching engage these muscles and can lead to strains or overuse, manifesting as pain and discomfort.  

Unravelling Trap

Toxin (anti-wrinkle)

Toxin (anti-wrinkle) and Dysport, popular neurotoxin treatments, involve injecting botulinum toxin into the skin to relax the treated area’s muscles, smoothing wrinkles and imparting a youthful look. A new application of these treatments, known as trap ‘tox, has emerged in the cosmetic treatment sphere.

This procedure involves injecting Toxin (anti-wrinkle) into the trapezius muscle, reducing its size and offering temporary respite from pain and discomfort. Trap ‘tox not only diminishes pain but can also elongate your neck and create a more elegant shoulder contour by slimming large, overactive muscles. This treatment is best suited for those with overdeveloped trapezius muscles. If trap Toxin (anti-wrinkle) piques your interest, feel free to schedule a New Client Consultation to ascertain if you’re a suitable candidate. 


the Procedure

During your appointment, our expert practitioners will have a detailed consultation with you to assess your trapezius muscles and discuss your desired results. The treatment is quick, spanning only 10-20 minutes, involves minimal discomfort, and requires no downtime. The amount of administered units will depend on your trapezius muscle’s size and strength, but typically, 50-75 units of neurotoxin are used on each side. 

Why We Endorse

The Traps:

– Alleviates tension and pain

– Offers functional relief

– Slenderizer overactive trap muscles

– Carves a straighter, more elegant shoulder contour 

Post-Treatment Expectations

Results typically manifest within 2 weeks and can last up to 5 months. You can expect a reduction in pain and an improvement in your range of motion. For optimal slimming, we recommend 1-3 treatments to achieve desired results.


It’s crucial to note that trap ‘tox is not a panacea for trapezius muscle pain but rather a temporary solution that provides relief while the underlying pain cause is addressed. Patients should collaborate with their healthcare provider to pinpoint the root cause of their pain and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that integrates trap ‘tox as a complementary treatment.


Find solace from chronic pain and embrace an elegant appearance with ‘The Traps’ at Flawless Aesthetics Clinics. Schedule a consultation with us today. 

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