Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation reshapes lips by restoring volume, balance and symmetry through lip injections and fillers so, if you're looking for loveable lips, this is your solution!

The procedure is suitable for clients seeking to address wrinkles, fine lines, and thin or poorly shaped lips.

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  • 1. Shape and Symmetry

    By filling deep lines around the lips, your pout will have more shape, volume and symmetry.

  • 2. Quick and Convenient

    Lip augmentation is an appealing option for those seeking instant results without a prolonged recovery period. Our lip filler treatments are typically quick and convenient.

  • 3. Non-Permanent Solution

    The results of lip augmentation are temporary and reversible, so if you want to experiment with your lip's appearance, or are not yet willing. to commit to a permanent change, this is a suitable option.

  • 4. Minimal Discomfort

    Lip augmentation is generally well-tolerated by patients, with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

  • 5. Versatile & Customisable

    Lip augmentation offers a versatile approach to lip reshaping. Filler can be strategically injected to create a custom look suited to your desires.


Did you know you don't need surgery in order to have the pout of your dreams? Significant enhancements can be made without the risks and time-cost associated with undergoing a surgical procedure. Don't wait, and get instant results with our lip augmentation!


1. Consultation

An assessment will be made on your lip shape, symmetry and overall facial balance. A review of your medical history, alongside a discussion of risks, concerns and expectations, will also take place.

2. Preparation

Before the injection, the lip area will be sterilised to reduce risk of infection. A topical anaesthetic may be applied to minimise any discomfort.

3. Injection

Lip fillers will be injected into specific areas on and around the lips to achieve the desired results.

These injections are carefully administered to ensure symmetry and balance.

4. Sculpting and Moulding

Following the injection, the practitioner will sculpt and mould the lips to achieve the desired shape and contour for natural-looking results.

5. Final Touches and Aftercare

Once sculpted, the lips will be examined and adjusted based on your desired results.

Post procedure, instructions will be provided on how to care for your lips and what to expect during the recovery period.