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Skin Package 1

  • Detailed Skin Consultations with our Senior Therapist
  • 1x Signature Peel
  • 1x Microdermabrasion
  • 1x LED Treatment

Skin Package 2

  • Detailed Skin Consultations with our Senior Therapist
  • 1x RF MICRONEEDLING (Radio Frequency)
  • 1x Signature Peel
  • 1x LED Treatment

Skin Package 3

  • Detailed Skin Consultations with our Senior Therapist
  • 1x Signature Peel
  • 1x LED Treatment

Flawless Aesthetics
helps you enhance your
natural beauty !!

We Bring Worldwide Aesthetic Expertise To You

Facial Aesthetics not only helps you enhance your natural beauty, but also helps you manage and optimise the ageing process. If you’re sick of waking up looking tired after a good nights sleep, feeling self conscious about saggy skin, not liking your hooked nose, or constantly looking in the mirror thinking that there’s just one small thing you would like to change, then just know that this is quite normal and there is no reason for you to be ashamed.

Millions of people around the world feel exactly the same way and in Australia alone, there are hundreds of thousands of cosmetic procedures performed each year alone. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and latest treatments in the market so you could be assured that any product entering your body is medically and clinically approved. We offer a variety of anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, facial and body enhancement treatments to help you feel your best.

It's All About You

Our Clinic is always striving to give you the outcome you desire. Dr Michaels Aesthetics provides the highest quality at affordable prices. Dr Michael (Moheb) Khela is an expert in the field and has been specialising in aesthetic Medicine for years, having completed his medical training in Australia and further enhanced his knowledge, completing international qualifications and learning from the best Practitioners from all around the world.

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Zahra A

"Beyond amazing! I highly recommend Dr Michael and his team. He is very informative and goes in-depth with what you are after and more. I am super happy with my results and wouldn't go anywhere else other than Flawless aesthetics. Thank you Dr Michael and Amira."

Harche D

a day agoNEW Honestly life changing! I was turned away from 2 clinics saying that I require a rhinoplasty. Sent my photos expecting he would also turn me away but to my surprise not only did he not, he literally achieved more than what I expected. Dr Michael’s work is nothing short than incredible. Super sweet, accomodating and has such an artistic and natural touch his work cannot be compared. Ameerah at reception is goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Thank you again, cannot wait to come in for my follow up. X

Mariam A

I love this clinic! The vibe is amazing and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. Sboutout to Amira at reception and Dr Michael! Thanks for giving such an awesome experience! I'll be back for my next event!

Susie D

Great experience!! I highly recommend Dr Michael, as he's very informative and goes into depth with answering my questions :).Im super happy with my results and wouldn't go anywhere else other than Flawless aesthetics. Thank you Dr Michael and Amira.

Mikayla M

I couldn’t be happier with my results, they are absolute perfection, i can honestly say dr Michael has magic fingers. He was super helpful in every way. Definitely going back and would highly recommend him to everyone.

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