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A strong and well-defined jawline symbolises attractiveness, strength and confidence. An ideal jawline is considered attractive to both men and women universally. The Jawline helps shape the face, providing a more squarish (masculine) or oval/ love heart shaped appearance (feminine). In addition, a well defined jawline helps separate the face from the neck and decreases the appearance of a fatty face or a double chin. 

People who are not satisfied with the appearance of their jawline, now have the option to enhance and define this. Dermal filler injections for jawline sculpting are the non-surgical solution for male and female facial enhancements!

Age or genetics can cause a soft-looking jaw. Jaw fillers can add balance, contour or symmetry to your jawline, making your face more youthful. 

Before going under treatment for jawline sculpting, you need to understand what type of jawline you have, which dermal fillers are best suited to accomplish the desired outcome in order to help you feel more confident in yourself. 

This article has covered all the details of your queries related to the jawline procedure and its result.




According to a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018, more than 1.3 million men have undergone cosmetic procedures, representing a 29% increase since 2000. According to Google Trend Data, searches for ‘jaw Fillers Men’ have increased since 2004. Nowadays, most cosmetic skin clinics are also experiencing this most in-demand procedure of men’s jawline filler treatments. 

Male attractiveness is about having a squared, visible jawline, pronounced chin and high-defined cheekbones. These defined areas are considered facial beauty in men, or aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of women, that help them evoke strength through their desirable features. According to scientific studies by Natural journal, it has been observed that strong and sharp male jawlines give men more sex appeal by denoting a more muscular immune system and levels of testosterone. Therefore, it has become common for men to opt for jawline sculpting treatment to enhance their facial areas.

Many key sections of the male jawline enhance the lower face structure and definition. Having each section in a perfect shape and size is the secret to achieving a masculine defining jawline.

  • Angle of the Jawline: A jawline can be defined by increasing the bulk of the jawline’s lower border and adding width to the corners/angle of the jaw. This leads to widening of the Jawline providing a more masculine appearance. The ideal width should ideally be in line or wider than the width of the cheeks for men. 
  • Chin: Injecting fillers to the chin can improve the definition of the jawline and reduce the fat of the double chin. The male chin is wider than the female chin and should ideally be in line with the corners of the mouth. 
  • Pre-jowl Sulcus: This hollow area in the jowl’s front can be made straight with dermal fillers, giving a more defined and youthful appearance. The sulcus created by the jowls tends to make their appearance much worse and accurately adding volume to this area helps to minimise this appearance. 
  • Jowl: Having a sagging jowl fat makes you look more aged. It can be reduced by lifting the above jawline with a fat dissolving injection or thread lift to tighten the jawline. Fat reduction with skin tightening is a great non-surgical way to treat jowl’s fat.
  • The male jawline filler treatment helps men create a sharp jawline that frames the face to obtain a more masculine jawline. Many people are not happy with the jawline they are born with. In many cases, their jawline appearance is affected by their age over the years mainly in two ways:


    • The jawline appears to lack definition as the bone making up the jawline (mandibular bone) shrinks in size and the facial skin also starts to sag and loses elasticity. The mouth corners start to droop, and wrinkles become prominent into the jawline, creating jowls. 
    • Losing too much weight also causes the loss of fat tissue forming divots along the jawline, known as the pre-jowl sulcus. Excessive weight, or weight gain, can lead to an increase in the double chin (submental fat enlargement) which leads to blunting, or obscuring the jawline definition.


    In these conditions, people undergo dermal fillers treatment to fill the jawlines and to add volume to the sagging area. Dermal fillers help lift the effect and conceal the appearance of the jowls by using strategically placed fillers. The procedure can also be done in conjunction with a skin tightening treatment. This treatment is commonly used in ageing men to help provide a more youthful appearance. 


    Dermal fillers help restore your elastin and collagen to correct the early sign of ageing. These fillers maintain a youthful volume and the ability of your skin to bounce back, resulting in the tighter and lifted appearance of the jawline.

The jawline sculpting treatment takes about 30 minutes, and we generally encourage patients to come back in 4 weeks for a follow up. Before treatment, make sure your face is free of creams, makeup and sunscreen so that your Doctor or Nurse can provide you with a detailed facial assessment and facial enhancement plan.  

The small injection series applies jawline fillers in multiple sites along the jaw. These injections are excruciating, but some people do not feel comfortable pricking to the skin. If you can’t tolerate the pain, in this case, a topical cream will be applied to your jawline to reduce its sensation.

Additionally, male jawline fillers can consist of calcium hydroxylapatite (collagen stimulating fillers) and hyaluronic acid (common fillers) combined with the Nefertiti Lift after the jawline slimming.

Before treatment, discuss any potential side effects with your consultant. Generally, fillers are safe for many people. However, some patients may experience temporary side effects during the treatment, including redness, swelling, itching, bruising, and sensitivity due to the injection. They may keep feeling it for a few days after the jawline sculpting procedure. 


Extremely Rare side effects include occlusion of a blood vessel which could lead to skin death, stroke or blindness. 

Patients should avoid exercise right after the treatment and for 24 hours to minimise swelling.

Pain is a personal and subjective feeling depending on your tolerance level in the treatment area. Therefore, the latest injecting techniques are used to make you feel comfortable during the entire process. When fillers are injected into your face, you may experience a harsh sensation or slight pressure due to injections as they feel like a straight pinch. We also using multiple methods to help reduce these risks, such as anaesthetic cream and local anaesthetic injections.

The application of dermal fillers sculpts and reshapes your jaw, creating symmetry and balance in your face frame. You can immediately start noticing the result of male jawline fillers. The results are generally based on the technique, quantity of fillers used (the more fillers used the more masculine and enhanced the results are) which is discussed during the consultation.

The injecting fillers not only give your face a well-defined shape and structure but also enhance the lower facial contouring, decreasing the dull skin and appearance of a double chin. 

In men, there is a more dramatic result of the chiseling effect. However, the result may vary with individuals, but calcium hydroxylapatite fillers may last up to 15 months while hyaluronic acid fillers up to 2 years.

Follow the few things to maintain the life of your jawline filler. 

  • Eat healthy diet
  • Use moisturizer daily
  • Don’t take too much stress
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Avoid going under UV light, protect your skin with sunscreen

Jawline sculpting for men is not surprising; effective treatment by dermal injections adds definition, structure and contour to your jawline. Therefore, make sure to get the best result by choosing an expert doctor for your filler treatment.

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Most practitioners and patients prefer to have some form of pain relief. There are multiple options available for your convenience;

  • Initially, a topical numbing agent such as emla cream or lmx, is applied to the area of treatment. Common additional forms of pain relief:
  • Local anaesthesia using a nerve block is a fantastic method to achieve almost no pain at all, however this does vary based on individual. This is quite similar and sometimes used interchangeably with the term dental block. Most dermal fillers also contain local anaesthesia and hence any pain experienced during treatment generally tends to improve throughout
  • Laughing gas (also known as happy gas or Nitros oxide) is also available.
  • Applying ice to the area prior to treatment can also help reduce the pain, and applying ice after the procedure also helps reduce the swelling.

Right After The


After male jawline filler treatment, some bruising, redness and swelling maybe present and self resolve over the next few days. Generally the swelling tends to provide a slightly enhanced effect due to the increased volume associated with this, which tends to disappear eventuate into a more natural appearance. Some patients tend to enjoy the swelling effect, however others may prefer the more natural effect.

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